Sepehr Nowfar MD

Sepehr Nowfar, MD FACS MPH QME


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Sepehr Nowfar, MD FACS MPH QME: A Visionary Leader in Medicine

Dr. Sepehr Nowfar is a distinguished medical professional whose remarkable journey through education, clinical practice, and research has established him as a visionary leader in the field of medicine. His commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication to patient care have earned him numerous accolades and positions of leadership in healthcare.

Education and Early Achievements: Dr. Nowfar’s educational foundation is a testament to his scholarly prowess. He completed his undergraduate studies at the prestigious University of California, Berkeley, where he graduated with honors in Molecular and Cellular Biology. His passion for both medicine and public health led him to Tulane University Medical School in New Orleans, where he achieved a dual milestone, receiving his Doctorate of Medicine and Master of Public Health simultaneously.

A Leading Medical Evaluator: Dr. Nowfar’s expertise extends into the realm of medical-legal evaluations. As a Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) for the state of California, he plays a vital role in providing crucial medical-legal opinions in areas such as Worker’s Compensation, Subsequent Injuries Benefit Trust Funds (SIBTF), Independent Medical Evaluation (IME), and personal injury cases. His insights and assessments have been instrumental in helping individuals navigate complex legal and medical challenges.

Clinical Excellence and Leadership: Upon returning to California, Dr. Nowfar embarked on a journey of rigorous training and specialization. He completed his residencies in urology and general surgery at UC San Diego, honing his surgical skills and medical knowledge to the highest standards. In 2011, he joined West Coast Urology, where he continues to provide exceptional care to his patients.

Dr. Nowfar is board-certified by the American Board of Urology, a testament to his proficiency and commitment to maintaining the highest standards of care. His leadership extends beyond clinical practice, as he serves in multiple areas of physician leadership, including his role as Medical Director for Optum-Surgical Care Associates, Expert Medical Reviewer, Utilization Reviewer for various medical groups, Medical Executive Board Member, Medical Credentialing Member, and Medical Director of Cancer Center of Excellence.

A Passion for Research and Innovation: Dr. Nowfar’s impact transcends clinical care. He is the medical director and primary investigator of the research division; he is a driving force behind medical innovation and the pursuit of groundbreaking discoveries. His dedication to advancing medical knowledge is evident in his extensive contributions to the field, including published research, presentations at prestigious conferences, and active participation in cutting-edge clinical trials.

A Legacy of Excellence: Throughout his journey in medicine, Dr. Nowfar has earned the respect and admiration of colleagues, peers, and patients alike. His impressive track record, marked by awards, certifications, and honors, speaks to his unwavering commitment to improving healthcare and the well-being of those he serves. He has held appointments as Associate Professor of Surgery and Urology at UCLA and Western University. He teaches and mentors attending physicians, urology and surgical residents, and medical and physician-assistant students.

Robotic Assisted Surgery with Intuitive's da Vinci System

Intuitive establishes a minimum number of cases a surgeon must perform per year with da Vinci systems based on their specialty. Only surgeons who meet this annual minimum and who have opted into being listed will be displayed on the Provider Locator, including Dr Nowfar.