Telehealth Consultations

Skip the Waiting Room!

While we love it when you visit us in the office, we understand that it’s not always convenient. Secure video visits allow you to receive the same quality care as you do in the clinic. Video visits are great for:
  • New patient visits
  • Follow-up visits
  • Medication questions
  • General questions

How It Works

Schedule Your Appointment

You will need to schedule your appointment directly with your provider’s office. A list of participating providers with their corresponding phone numbers can be found below. Your doctor’s office will send you specific instructions related to your telehealth visit prior to your appointment.

Start Your Visit

Log in 15 minutes before your video visit and come prepared with questions for your doctor. Your doctor will log in to the session shortly after you access it.

Forms & Registration

Your medical health questionnaire is required prior to your appointment. You may complete the health questionnaire one of two ways: (1) Complete Health Questionnaire Online We encourage you to register and start using our Patient Portal to complete your health history and maintain communication with your provider. You will receive an email with a PIN for registration. Please follow the instructions within the email to register and complete your health summary prior to your appointment. If you did not receive a PIN via email, call our portal help desk at (866) 630-0612 and press 1. (2) Fax Health Questionnaire to Office If you would like to fax us the forms, you may do so by downloading our new patient packet and faxing it back to your doctor’s office. You can find their fax number in our office directory. Please complete and return these forms to us prior to your online video visit so that you can maximize your time with the doctor. Your doctor’s office will provide you with instructions on accessing your telehealth session. Note: you must first call the office to schedule an appointment

Telehealth FAQs

We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about telemedicine for your convenience.