Sample Clear Liquid Diet Preparation

This diet provides fluids that leave little residue and are easily absorbed with minimal digestive activity. This diet is inadequate in all essential nutrients and is recommended only if clear liquids are temporarily needed. No red or purple liquids should be consumed.

Food group Foods not allowed Foods allowed
Milk & beverages. (No red or purple liquids!) Milk, milk drinks, creamer Tea or coffee (decaffeinated or regular), carbonated beverages, fruit flavored drinks, sports drinks, crystal light
Meats & meat substitutes All None
Vegetables All None
Fruits & fruit juices Fruit juices with unstrained fruit Strained fruit juices: apple, white grape, lemonade, white cranberry
Grains & starches All None
Soups All others Clear broth, consomme
Desserts All others Clear flavored gelatin, popsicles (no red or purple)
Fats All None
Miscellaneous All others Sugar, honey, syrup, clear, hard candy, salt