What is the Best Therapy for Me?

This is by far the single most frequently asked question from men who have been recently diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer or biochemical recurrence. The answers you seek are probably unclear. You more than likely have been given information regarding your prostate cancer (gleason score, PSA, staging, imaging results, etc.) which can be very confusing, and now you are also dealing with questions about the dangers of metastasis and side effects of some drugs. Today there are more effective ways to treat and manage advanced prostate cancer than ever before. To make the best decisions, you need information and guidance from medical experts with extensive knowledge and experience in treating the different stages of prostate cancer successfully.

The experts at the Genesis Comprehensive Prostate Cancer Center will assist you in carefully evaluating all options for treating your particular stage of prostate cancer. They’ll help you weigh the benefits of each treatment, probable outcomes (likely results of treatment), side effects, and risks. You will become aware of promising new treatments and be provided with the education and support you will need to ensure the best in quality for treatment. Our goal is to connect you with the resources you will need, and provide you with a consistent high level of care and individualized treatment plan. Additionally, our staff will be monitoring your progress throughout your treatment.