Top Benefits of Colonoscopy

The colon becomes more susceptible to colorectal cancer once you turn 50. That’s why colon cancer is the third most common type of cancer today. In this regard, colonoscopies are a gold standard in modern medicine and a potential option to prevent colon cancer. They can detect cancerous polyps and the presence of other serious diseases. They’re also pain-free and fast and provide other added benefits.

Let’s talk about the top 5 benefits of colonoscopy and where you can find the best gastroenterologist in California.

Colon Cancer Prevention

During a colonoscopy, your provider will clean the colon’s lining with water. They will use a device to clean the area of any remaining stool, then inject air into the bowels.

That way, the doctor can inspect the colon for abnormal growths or polyps and remove them.

Polyps usually form along the lining of the rectum and colon. That’s why getting a colonoscopy is crucial in finding them. If a polyp is left inside for too long, it can turn cancerous.

However, polyps won’t cause pain or symptoms, letting cancer go unnoticed. Thus, regular removal is crucial for cancer prevention.

Detection of Other Illnesses

Apart from cancerous polyps, getting a colonoscopy can also help detect other issues. Pouches, or diverticula, along the colon wall indicate possible diverticulitis or diverticulosis. Detection can help assess if the case is mild or severe.

Severe cases will need surgery, while you can take antibiotics to treat mild conditions.

Colonoscopy can also detect other abnormalities like inflammation, ulcerations, and strictures along the colon. These symptoms can help find the causes of any unexplained gastrointestinal tract bleeding you might have.

Additionally, your provider can use colposcopy to assess cases of chronic diarrhea.

Support for Medical Tests

Colonoscopy results may also help support findings from other medical tests. These include:

  • Virtual colonoscopy or computed tomography (CT) colonography
  • Double-contrast barium enema
  • Stool DNA tests
  • Sigmoidoscopy, and
  • Fecal immunochemical test (FIT) or tests for blood in the stool

Should any of these tests come out positive or with significant findings, your doctor will prescribe a colonoscopy. It becomes a way to confirm any suspected conditions you may have.

Painless and Convenient

A long tube or colonoscope inserted into your rectum sounds unpleasant. However, you can rest assured that you won’t feel a thing during a colonoscopy.

Patients are not conscious while providers perform colonoscopies. Most colonoscopy patients are very comfortable during the procedure.

The doctor won’t begin insertion until your reach “twilight sleep” or conscious sedation. That ensures that the experience is painless.

True enough, many patients have reported not having any memory of the colonoscopy itself. They come in, fall asleep, then wake up with the procedure already done.

Quick Prep and Recovery

Unlike other major procedures, colonoscopies have quick preparation and recovery processes.

Bowel prep is standard before undergoing a colonoscopy. It involves cutting fiber intake, drinking only clear liquids, and taking the bowel prep tablet. The entire process takes two days.

The recovery period, as colonoscopies are an outpatient procedure.

Once you’re awake and alert, the doctor will check your blood pressure, breathing, and pulse. You can go home if everything is stable and you feel awake and alert.

You may feel mild pain sometime after the exam, but moving and walking can ease it. You should avoid drinking alcohol for 24 hours and increase fluid intake to replace water lost during the colonoscopy.

Should there be any severe discomfort, fever, or inability to pass gas, it’s best to contact your doctor. Otherwise, this colon test’s prep and recovery processes are simple and quick.

Colonoscopy Near You in California

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