Recap of our 2015 Gastro-West Summit!

The 2015 Gastro-West Summit conference was a tremendous success! Some even say, “the must-attend conference for GI professionals in 2015!” Hosted by Genensis Healthcare Partners, the largest gastroenterology physician group in California, the symposium tackled crucial topics regarding the future of healthcare, specifically in gastroenterology.

With over 200+ attendees and 10+ keynote speakers, the 2015 Gastro-West Summit conferences equipped GI professionals with extremely valuable and informative round table discussion, Q&A panels, and networking sessions. Some of the remarkable keynote speakers included: Scott Ketover, MD, AGAF, President & CEO of Minnesota Gastro, Ketover discussed how to protect and grow one’s integrated physician group. Joel Brill, CMO of Predictive Health examined the seismic shifts in reimbursement for 2016 and the future.

Brill described the ways to obtain approval, adoption, coverage and reimbursement in today’s health-care environment. Shelby Sullivan, MD, Director of Bariatric Endoscopy at Washington University, detailed up and coming GI innovation and technology, explaining new and improved endoscopic approaches. Even our very own, Glenn Littenberg MD, avowed transitional care and chronic care management in the GI practice. These are just a few of the many highly distinguished speakers who addressed the 2015 Gastro-West Summit. Overall, the 2015 Gastro-West Summit revitalized and refreshed the minds of many, and will continue, year after year.

Stay tuned for information regarding the 2016 Gastro Summit, which will be held in October 2016!

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