My Hemorrhoids Keep Coming Back; What Should I Do?

Having hemorrhoids once in a lifetime is probably more than enough, but what if your hemorrhoids return? What if they return more than once?

For some individuals, having hemorrhoids is unfortunately not a onetime experience. Hemorrhoids can reoccur on and off for various reasons—sometimes related to lifestyle habits, and sometimes due to a medical condition.

In terms of lifestyle, hemorrhoids can be caused by a diet low in fiber, obesity, or bathroom habits (e.g., spending longer periods of time seated on the toilet or straining during bowel movements). Medical conditions that have been connected to hemorrhoid growth include pregnancy, chronic diarrhea, and chronic constipation.

Do I need to see a doctor for reoccurring hemorrhoids?


At-home hemorrhoid relief remedies can help, but sometimes these treatments are not enough, particularly in cases where your hemorrhoids return. Doctors will always recommend improving lifestyle habits (hydration, diet, and exercise) in order to aid in the prevention of hemorrhoids, but for relief of reoccurring hemorrhoids, the GI specialists Genensis Healthcare Partners recommend hemorrhoid banding.

What is hemorrhoid banding?


The hemorrhoid banding procedure gently places a small rubber band around the base of each hemorrhoid, which causes the hemorrhoid to gradually shrink until all symptoms are removed. The procedure is quick, only taking a few minutes, and painless. Sedation is not required during hemorrhoid banding, so those who undergo the procedure are able to resume normal activities immediately after their visit to their physician.

Unlike other medical procedures aimed at hemorrhoid removal, hemorrhoid banding does not require that patients fast or prepare in any way prior to the procedure. The treatment process is generally completed within three visits to one’s doctor.

Visiting an Genensis Healthcare Partners physician for hemorrhoid treatment


Prior to your first visit to one of our highly expert physicians, it’s a good idea to write down a list of your symptoms and personal information, such any medications you are currently taking, whether you take vitamins or supplements, and whether you are pregnant. Your doctor may suggest steps you can take to help prevent hemorrhoids from returning. To find a physician near you, click here!

Written by the physicians of San Francisco Gastroenterology– Dr. Frank Farrell & Dr. Cathleen Cabansag