inSite Physicians Use Latest Technology to Communicate With Patients

inSite Physicians Use Latest Technology to Communicate With Patients

Patient portal allows doctors to keep in contact with patients from anywhere in the world!

Dr. Casey S. Fu, MD, is currently in Taiwan for a family visit. Although out of the country, Dr. Fu is still speaking to patients and practicing medicine. How is this possible? Thanks to cutting-edge technology, Dr. Fu and other inSite physicians can now communicate with patients from anywhere across the globe.

Our patient portal allows patients to communicate with their doctor’s office at anytime using the internet. Patients can review their medical history, request appointments, send messages, review clinical results and pre-register to avoid filling out paperwork at the office. The portal delivers a direct connection to your doctor while also providing important resources about your health.

“I think our use of our patient portal is a very powerful statement about how seriously we care for our patients,” said Randy Farber, Chief Operating Officer at Genensis Healthcare Partners. ” It really is the perfect example of the patient-doctor relationship in the 21st century.”

Patients can register for our portal by calling (866) 630-0612. From there, they just need to press 1 and follow the automated directions. Once registered, patients can utilize the portal’s array of features to enhance their healthcare experience.