Can a Stomach Vitamin work for you?

Millions of people all over the world take vitamin and mineral supplements to help keep colds, flu, and diseases away. Vitamins in some cases been proven to improve an individual’s overall health. Although in most cases vitamins support our health, supplements such as calcium, iron and Vitamin C in high doses, can lead to stomach upset, gas and diarrhea. Individuals with sensitive stomachs may be more prone to experience digestive discomfort when taking dietary supplements. Fortunately, there are vitamins created particularly for individuals with a sensitive stomach.

Our physician, Dr. Frank Farrell, has created, The Colon Vitamin, a daily supplement intended to promote colon health. The Colon Vitamin, two tablets taken once a day, is designed to easily fit into a person’s daily routine. A yellow tablet delivers ingredients to the small intestine, which distributes colon-protecting benefits throughout the bloodstream. A white tablet goes straight to the colon and delivers the right amount of calcium needed for a healthy colon. This system helps to ensure that the right ingredients at the right dosages are delivered correctly to the right places at the right time.

Developed by Dr. Farrell, The Colon Vitamin contains micronutrients and antioxidants shown to help promote colon health.

Each dose contains:

  • Beta Carotene – found in carrots
  • Vitamin D – found in milk
  • Vitamin B-2 – found in fish and almonds
  • Vitamin B-6 – found in certain cereals, chickpeas, tuna, and brown rice
  • Folic Acid – found in spinach, oranges, and asparagus
  • Calcium – found in cheeses, yogurt, milk, and sardines
  • Selenium – found in corn and wheat
  • Curcumin – found in turmeric

Why are these ingredients used in The Colon Vitamin?

These eight micronutrients and antioxidants were carefully chosen by Dr. Farrell in order to contribute to the optimal promotion of colon health. Each ingredient was selected based on an extensive review of scientific literature that verifies the impact those ingredients have on the colon. The Colon Vitamin is intended to work in conjunction with a high-fiber diet, regular exercise, and a colonoscopy-screening schedule in order to fully optimize colon health.

How does The Colon Vitamin compare to other adult daily vitamins?

A review of The Colon Vitamin shows that it provides 100 percent of the vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy colon, as opposed to popular brand name multivitamins which do not offer the same benefits for healthy colon function. For example, Centrum Silver Adults 50 Plus only offers 12 percent of Beta Carotene per recommended dose, while The Colon Vitamin offers a full 100 percent. One A Day Men’s Health Formula only offers 26 percent of Calcium per recommended dose, while The Colon Vitamin offers 100 percent.

Additionally, none of the popular brand name vitamins offer Curcumin, one of the essential ingredients chosen by Dr. Farrell for The Colon Vitamin.

To find additional information about the Colon Vitamin, please contact the offices of San Francisco Gastroenterology, an affiliate of Genensis Healthcare Partners.