Genesis GEM (Going the Extra Mile)

Genesis Gems

Our employees nominate each other for Genesis GEM’s for Going the Extra Mile! We encourage all employees to inspire each other through their actions and to call each other out for Going the Extra Mile. We also encourage the nominations to relate to our company goals. These nominations are posted on our website to celebrate our employees' efforts and thank them for being a GEM!

Company Goals

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Create ways to connect with patients, go the extra mile to make them feel welcome and cared for. Improve processes to increase administrative and clinical efficiencies for the most effective use of time. All employees working toward excellence in patient care including customer service, timely appointments, easy and timely scheduling, friendly and supportive staff, clean and welcoming environment that supports a quality experience. Our goal is to provide services to all of our patients that are beyond their expectations.

Develop a Culture of Working Together

Create ways to collaborate within the offices, divisions, clinics, with the entire company working as a team. Build our business by operating through collaboration, coordination, teamwork, mutual trust, respect, and dignity in every interaction among and between employees, patients, and physicians. Create value by working to comprehend how your efforts impact the entire company. Build brand recognition of Genesis Healthcare Partners at all levels and locations inside and outside of the company.